My dream house essay

Having a big pc setup.

Some anime decorations.

Some fans when needed.

A house where it’s full of anime stupp.


Kio rah! In Today’s topic I would like to talk about my  dream house cause everybody has one right? So my dream house would be a 3 story house with 6 bedrooms and an auto cleaning bot when I don’t feel like cleaning.


Now this is my favorite part. 

I’d like to have 2 monitors and some LED lights on my table and around the room.

I want to have a master bedroom so i could have all the space to stretch and sleep.

I would like to have a spar and a pool so I could chill and look at some stars in the sky.


I also want a VR gaming room so the boys could have a little taste of freedom.

I’d also like a fridge filled with random drinks in my gaming room so I could have a cool down. Also there’s a tree house where the boys talk and rest.


There would be a secret gaming room under the stairs and it’s soundproof! So you don’t have to worry about raging and shouting. In the gaming room is a ps5 with tons of games that you can play. Also there’s some snacks in the kitchen if you like so hopefully you guys like my dream room.


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