The story of goodwins tiktok upsession!

There once was a man who extremely loves tik tok and weirdly dances on people’s property.

Sometimes he becomes so exuberant that he wanted to do a tik tok trend on samoa!

He even was on the news!


Meanwhile on the news:


 Well welcome everybody! And today is a beautiful day isn’t it.

I hope to see you guys having fun and “phone rings”  “picks up the phone”   uhhhh, we have a problem, What problem! He whispered, There’s a man who is dancing on top of a car and you need to report this right now!


“Ughm” There is great news everybody! There is literally a man dancing on top of a car! and I heard that he loves tiktok!  WOW!


Well isn’t that funny right?


“Sees goodwin doin a dance of Macarena”

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