My visit to Kpmg

Today half of room 4 and the rest of the extension went to kpmg. When we arrived the building was massive and huge. I went in and saw workers doing there thing and they have TWO MICROWAVES!.  I was suprised of the hard they have done and im glad to see this. After that i we went to a private room where we do some fun activity’s and eat.

first we had some morning and it was so Delicious. After we had a great feast we did some photo shop. If you want to see my photo shop, look through my blog posts.  I created a scuffed Goku and i had fun creating this work.

Once we finished creating our photo shopping we did lots of fun activities and thats for the other blog posts.

One thought on “My visit to Kpmg

  1. Kia ora Aaron,

    I’m glad that you had such a good experience at KPMG! It’s so good to see what an office like this would be like to work at – what a cool set up with the kitchens! The photoshop sounds great too.

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