Room 4 challenge

Today i had a blast!. Room 4 separated into 5 teams. The team im currently in with is Tumanako, Finau, and Amira. First we have to make a bridge that handle some weight, so all we did is to cut the 2 paper in half and  shape like a triangle. It was so simple until we go to the next challenge. This challenge is a lot different. We have to make the tallest tower out of STRAWS! that’s right STRAWS!. This was a hard challenge until Tumanako got a idea.  He first made a very long tower so he could connect it with the tower me, Finau, and Amira made. Once we finished we connected the both of them but something was off. The tower wasn’t stable and we have 30 seconds left!. ”You’re probably wondering, what do i do?” ”Well, i kinda copied kiarah’s group”. I garbed the tape and i connected half of the tower to the table. I was panicking but i just rolled with it. I taped all the parts but the right side. So, i hurried and taped it. As soon as i taped it the count down was finished, but i kept going trying to find but KIARAH cut the last tape!.

I lost hope but we did some other fun activity’s that made me laugh.

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