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Where angels fear to tread

Task 3:

Where angels fear to tread


This task is about reading to find information and make inferences.

Read ‘Where angels fear to tread‘, then answer the following questions.




How old is Ngorongoro Crater?

 Two million yrs old





What word does the writer use in the middle of the story to indicate that he wasn’t scared of buffalo?




c) What would have been a useful item to take on the walk to the lodge?
  A Flashlight would be good since there’s no moon.


d) Explain how the saying in the final line, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”, goes with        the story. 

It gives a scary and an adventurous vibe to it. It also fits the story.  The word “fool rush” also relates to the jungles in africa.


“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” refers to a person who behaves impulsively; they don’t think before reacting. The saying goes with the story because a group of people, Halina and the speaker travel to Africa before knowing very little about it e.g. dangers, animals, people.


 In this story we saw the author and Halina were being foolish because wild and terrifying  


 Animals roam into these turfs. They should’ve been more prepared.  It says in the story “It was very dark,  The stars are covered with clouds, and there is no moon to help us with our sight.”


 Also the Author and Halina didn’t know what the animals were capable of doing.




e) What two lessons could be gained from this story?

       i.   Never show fear but to show respect Especially if it was an animal.

       Ii.  Be prepared before you go to places you haven’t been to. 

Room 4 challenge

Today i had a blast!. Room 4 separated into 5 teams. The team im currently in with is Tumanako, Finau, and Amira. First we have to make a bridge that handle some weight, so all we did is to cut the 2 paper in half and  shape like a triangle. It was so simple until we go to the next challenge. This challenge is a lot different. We have to make the tallest tower out of STRAWS! that’s right STRAWS!. This was a hard challenge until Tumanako got a idea.  He first made a very long tower so he could connect it with the tower me, Finau, and Amira made. Once we finished we connected the both of them but something was off. The tower wasn’t stable and we have 30 seconds left!. ”You’re probably wondering, what do i do?” ”Well, i kinda copied kiarah’s group”. I garbed the tape and i connected half of the tower to the table. I was panicking but i just rolled with it. I taped all the parts but the right side. So, i hurried and taped it. As soon as i taped it the count down was finished, but i kept going trying to find but KIARAH cut the last tape!.

I lost hope but we did some other fun activity’s that made me laugh.

Thank for reading this writing and please leave a comment!


Sour Loillies

When i felt the lollie i held in my hand. It felt like a solid ball covered in sugar or salt. I was confused but i put in my mouth anyways. As soon as my tongue touched this substance, my mouth exploded with salt and sourness.  My friend (Roman) also tried this substance and he didn’t even make a reaction. i was surprised because he just tasted the MOST SOUREST CANDY IN NZ!. After the candy dissolved in my mouth, we get to have seconds but this time it’s the LEMON FLAVOUR.  I was scared at first but i tried it anyways and it get’s WORSE. When the candy touched my tongue, it felt like a snake injecting it’s venom in my tongue. I almost cried but i faced it like man.

My visit to Kpmg

Today half of room 4 and the rest of the extension went to kpmg. When we arrived the building was massive and huge. I went in and saw workers doing there thing and they have TWO MICROWAVES!.  I was suprised of the hard they have done and im glad to see this. After that i we went to a private room where we do some fun activity’s and eat.

first we had some morning and it was so Delicious. After we had a great feast we did some photo shop. If you want to see my photo shop, look through my blog posts.  I created a scuffed Goku and i had fun creating this work.

Once we finished creating our photo shopping we did lots of fun activities and thats for the other blog posts.

Willow park wiriting

Yesterday the whole of team 5 went to willow park and it was so fun. I played some ping pong with my friends and it was a great match. There’s also a big gym where you can play basket in and it turns out, i didn’t win the match.

We had some delicious morning tea and some tomato sauce with it.  30 minutes later, we went to the beach but me and my friends didn’t swim. Instead we made a whole just to keep us not being bored. After that we had some drinks and a hot dog that was pretty decent. 30 minutes later, we had some free time where i played some basketball with my friends. When we are about to go back to school, we gave our special thanks to the people who let us come to there wonderful place and we are grateful for what they done.

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