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Where angels fear to tread

Task 3:

Where angels fear to tread


This task is about reading to find information and make inferences.

Read ‘Where angels fear to tread‘, then answer the following questions.




How old is Ngorongoro Crater?

 Two million yrs old





What word does the writer use in the middle of the story to indicate that he wasn’t scared of buffalo?




c) What would have been a useful item to take on the walk to the lodge?
  A Flashlight would be good since there’s no moon.


d) Explain how the saying in the final line, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”, goes with        the story. 

It gives a scary and an adventurous vibe to it. It also fits the story.  The word “fool rush” also relates to the jungles in africa.


“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” refers to a person who behaves impulsively; they don’t think before reacting. The saying goes with the story because a group of people, Halina and the speaker travel to Africa before knowing very little about it e.g. dangers, animals, people.


 In this story we saw the author and Halina were being foolish because wild and terrifying  


 Animals roam into these turfs. They should’ve been more prepared.  It says in the story “It was very dark,  The stars are covered with clouds, and there is no moon to help us with our sight.”


 Also the Author and Halina didn’t know what the animals were capable of doing.




e) What two lessons could be gained from this story?

       i.   Never show fear but to show respect Especially if it was an animal.

       Ii.  Be prepared before you go to places you haven’t been to. 


Today room 4 did a Fun and Exciting task. In our science project, we collected some data. This data is about how fast and many sugar we can dissolve.  first, we get a cup and fill it with 100 ml.  Then we put 5 ml of sugar each time.  By adding the sugar i mixed the sugar as fast as i can.  This is a faster way of  dissolving sugar. I managed to get 175 ml of sugar, but eventually Romans group got the highest.  After mixing for a while i kinda did a taste test and trust me. Your taste buds will spike. Even a drop of water will do. 

After putting away our equipment, we did a challenge of who can do the best descriptive writing. I don’t know who will win but thank you for looking at this task.


Future Aspiration

Today team 5 had a Future Aspiration speech today. The first person who introduced himself is Tyrone. he’s the key note meaning (talking a bid longer). Tyrone talks about how his life journey and how he got this far. He says he wants to create a theme park!, and that’s something i want him to achieve. His message to us is actually inspirational. He said “It’s better to be a alien then a sheep.”  It means, don’t always be a follower but instead, work hard for your goal, i think.

Next was this man named David. He was pretty scared because he’s not used to public speaking. He told us about his life in university and how he got smarter.  I forgot his message but i can tell it’s something people would find interesting.