The story of roman and chaun’s journey to rocket league part 1!


Characters:  Chaun,  Roman, the ancient samurai.

Setting: Chauns house 

Main character:  Roman 


Start writing: 


Chaun creeped up as he slowly opened the mysterious door. His heart slowly went faster and faster as he goes closer to the door.  Chaun gulped while he let out his right arm trying to open the door.  “It seemed as if I was in a horror movie trying to get out of this mess”   scared chaun.  He then saw a bright light behind the mysterious door, calling out his name. ‘’Chaun! Chaun! Chaun!’’ Chaun was confused until romans face appeared and chaun let out a scream that woke him up out of his dream. “Finally you’re awake” sighed roman.

“You’ve been asleep for hours mate, and you’re lucky the rocket tournament is about to start!” Chaun hurried and picked up the controller.  


“Music plays”    “Hurry up! And invite me to the party Chaun!”  said roman.    

Chaun then pressed the ready button waiting for another to hop in.  While they were waiting for a match, Roman went to get some drinks to satisfy both of them.  The match starts as roman came inside the room and picked up the controller.  “Chaun, you be the goalie while i’ll attack,”  said roman.  


They got into the position, getting ready for the other opponent’s attack.  The game starts and Roman goes for the ball. Roman arield the ball, trying to get it into the opponents goal. 

The opponent blocked it with ez and they continued hitting to chaun’s goal. Roman alerted chaun while he ariel blocked it.  Roman then went for the ball flicked to the goal. The opponent got cocky and went to block it while the timer was about to finish.  Chaun came in at the right moment and demolished the goalie.  The timer ran which means the victory goes to roman and chaun.

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