about me!

Kia ora!

Im a student form pt england and there’s lots more about me.

I won’t tell the rest about me so let’s get started.

I have 3 other brother’s who are very funny and 1 who coes to this school!

im a big fan of chicken and those asmr mukbang video’s.

i watch a ton of lazarbeam videos and mr beast.

i studie at a piano school where we ahve our dreams of becoming a piano artist but that’s not me.

My dream wasn’t decided yet because im still thinking about my talents or what things i can do.


I used to love fortnite and play with our friend’s, but we just play it for fun.

My dad has a biusness company where i am grateful.

My Mum works at a big high school where she cleans.

i’ve never went to rainbow zend in my Life! But sooner or later, i might have the chance to go there.


Thank you for reading this story!

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